Jan 27 2008

Your employer won't send you? Go on your own - I bet you'll get a better job as a result!

Posted by Mike Brunt at 1:50 PM
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This is direct quote from a really great blog posting from Sean Corfield; Common ColdFusion Arguments.  Sean, I hope you will forgive me for borrowing your line but it coincides by some thoughts I was having as I see that the US and World economies seem to have "a spot of the jitters" lately.  My blog post here is about investment.

I have never dabbled directly in Stocks and Shares just via brokers with 401k's etc.  Real Estate has however, figured in my investing life, having gone through three such transactions whilst living in England and one here in the USA.  It struck me the other day that there is another investment which many of us rarely invest in; ourselves. 

In the technology field where we live and work, knowledge is in many ways our currency, it is how we make a living.  My opinion is that it is well worth our investing our own money into expanding our knowledge, Sean Corfield enunciated this perfectly in the comment which is the title of this blog piece.

Your employer won't send you? Go on your own - I bet you'll get a better job as a result!


Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 01/28/08 8:37 AM

@Daytona, thanks for the comment, yes I think my favorite place of employment since coming to the USA was Allaire. They absolutely believed in growing their people.
Peter Bell

Peter Bell wrote on 01/28/08 11:08 AM

Martin Fowler has a relevant quote:

"Change your company . . . or change your company". If you can't persuade your employer of the benefits of sending you to conferences, it may be time to find an employer that already understand the benefits of sending you to conferences.

And as you pointed out, where better to find them than at a conference full of employees - many of whom were sent by their employers!
Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 01/28/08 1:36 PM

@Peter thanks for the comment and yes I agree I have worked for some who do not see the need for enrichment of employees. There is a great book I read called "Smart Gets Things Done" by Joel Spolsky. It vividly illustrates the importance to companies of finding the cream of the crop in development talent and then fostering and growing them.
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