Feb 7 2008

What Happened To cfPETMARKET?

Posted by Mike Brunt at 8:02 AM
- Categories: ColdFusion

There is a famous sample application in the Java world called "Pet Store" if you are interested you can find it here. I note that the latest iteration of the Java Pet Store is focused fairly heavily on Ajax.  There was a great alternative site created to showcase various Frameworks or Methodologies for CF called cfPetmarket.  This site contained various versions of the ColdFusion application alternative to Pet Store and I found it very useful for producing community information from load-testing different Frameworks or Methodologies.

The last couple of times I went there I notice there are no longer any cfPetmarket sample applications.  Does anyone out there know who is responsible for that site, I would be more than willing to help, as I really think that was a good resource in many ways?


Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 02/07/08 9:55 AM

@Todd well perhaps in future I should actually look where I might find what I am looking for - :-|

Thanks Todd

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