Jan 22 2008

Welcome To The Journal

Posted by Mike Brunt at 4:16 PM
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After blogging regularly for the past 6 years about ColdFusion, JRun J2EE etc, I thought I would create a blog to wax lyrical about my wonderful world of ColdFusion and related products.  Jeremy and JJ Allaire and the other founders of Allaire ushered in an incredible era, one, which in my opinion, was as profound in its affects as the creation of the Worldwide Web itself.  I won't go on too much in this entry as I have a lot to write about in subsequent entries.

Welcome and I hope you will find things here mildly entertaining. 



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thanks you :)
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The blog has turned out to be very interesting and entertaining and I always look forward to your entries. I think you do a very good job at keeping us interested.

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Welcome To The Journal
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