Dec 21 2008

Was 2008 A High Availability (HA) Year and 2009?

Posted by Mike Brunt at 11:37 PM ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

Back on January 1, 2008 I postulated in a blog piece for Alagad, Will 2008 Be A-HA Year? We are not quite at the end of 2008 yet but over the weekend I was thinking a lot about Adobe Server Products, ColdFusion in particular and all things Enterprise. 2008 was certainly a High Availability year in terms of the presentations I gave.  In 2008 I was honored enough to present at BFusion, CFObjective, CFUnited, MAX 08 USA (unconference), MAX 08 Europe and WebManiacs.  Adobe also requested that I contribute some pieces to DevNet which I did, the first was High availability clustering ColdFusion and the other Using ColdFusion to enhance scalability.  Fig-leaf enlisted my assistance in putting together a new training offering for ColdFusion Administrators and I worked on-site or remote on 18 different HA projects for blue-chip organizations, during 2008, it is working with clients that fuels what I write about; real situations.  So I think I can say that 2008 was definitely a HA year.  

So what of 2009, will that also be a HA year?  I definitely think so and my thrust will continue down that path.  Aside from my client work I will be focusing on three major areas in terms of articles and presentations:

  • All things Database as they impact HA for Adobe server products, including ColdFusion.
  • 64-bit and its dramatic impact on server resource availability.
  • Virtualization (including cloud computing) and its dramatic impact on server resource availability. 
  • I will provide more detail on these subjects and how they could impact HA in my first blog piece of 2009.

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Roberta wrote on 06/30/15 8:34 AM

yup, I agree with you. For me, 2008 was a HA year for sure. :D
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