Nov 23 2008

To MAX Europe Milan - And Counting - Birds of a Cluster

Posted by Mike Brunt at 4:07 PM ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself and it certainly seems to have flown for me in 2008.  Last week at MAX USA 2008 there were some stunning announcements about ColdFusion 9 (Centaur) and some really enjoyable and informative sessions. The"Unconference" organized for us by Ray Camden had some excellent sessions and there was a general feeling that this was a great idea and would certainly be back at future conferences.  Ray mentioned that the idea was proposed by Adobe, in his typical modest fashion; all I can say is that no doubt Ray worked really hard to bring it all together and it is great for all of us that Adobe are 100% behind us all.  So on to MAX Europe 2008, in Milan Italy.  I am fortunate enough to be presenting there on using ColdFusion in High Availability (HA) infrastructures.  My session will cover the gamut of all that should be considered including the network, database servers and all else in the mix.  Here is a list of the major topics we shall cover:

  • Redundant devices and their usage.
  • Active-Active or Active-Passive state.
  • Network layer considerations.
  • 32-bit vs 64-bit.
  • Database replication and redundancy.
  • Hard-drive types and usage.

And all that we need to consider as we mover deeper into the Enterprise Space with ColdFusion.  If you can find the time to drop by I think you will find it worthwhile.




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