Dec 15 2011

The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Becoming Ever More Relevant

Posted by Mike Brunt at 12:09 PM Languages | Java-JVM | JRun-J2EE

It seems recently, that there have been an increasing number of new or "ported" languages created to run on the JVM.  As I have spent almost 11 years tuning the JVM I am very interested in any expansion in usage of the paradigm.  As a side note, recently I have been testing the Garbage First collector in our lab on a late 1.6 Oracle JVM version and not 7 and found no significant advantages as yet.

Wanting to quantify the direction that the JVM is going in I researched how many languages can run on the JVM and I was very surprised to find over 60, including of course ColdFusion but also Cobol and PHP.  Here is the main source of information I located.


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More than languages over 60 languages can run on JVM, including of course ColdFusion but also Cobol and PHP.
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