Aug 27 2016

The Coolest Computer Language.

Posted by Mike Brunt at 8:14 AM Web Servers | DataBase | CloudComputing | Languages | Caching | Greening The Web | Java-JVM | ColdFusion

This is a tech note from my alter ego; well in truth I do not have much of an ego; I hope. Yesterday I was asked to describe the history of ColdFusion, the computer language not the physics, one is in daily use and revolutionized all we know as the Internet and web, the other is still a sought after occurrence; often hyped.
So back to the real ColdFusion, I can describe its effect in a simple phrase, it brought the use of dynamic content to web pages; what does that mean? Well without dynamic content the web would simply have never have evolved to pretty much govern our lives and certainly that of all commerce as we know it. In fact it was and is so revolutionary that nothing anything like as cool, has ever emerged since. Computer languages have come and gone in popularity, Ruby, Grails, JQuery etc etc all incredibly cool at the time, so it seemed.
To developers, I will say this; we will be the most costly of all labor costs to any company who uses or employs us, we are not here to toy around with whatever seems to be the new cool language of the time, which may slip into a kind of obscurity and leave legacy nightmares to the future.

To business managers I will say this, you have business needs which will inevitably need technology solutions to support them. ColdFusion has been around since 1995 and despite innumerable attempts to kill it, it is alive and kicking and cool and on point. Moreover it is written in Java which is the most widely distributed of all computer languages. And there is no other language that can deliver the functionality you need as rapidly and reliably.