Jul 2 2008

Technology Jobs Growing - US HotSpots

Posted by Mike Brunt at 6:02 AM
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A friend and colleague pointed out an article featured on Yahoo News showing that technology is very much the area to have a career in.  It also indicates the “hot-beds” of such activity in the USA; Seattle being in pole position.  It makes an interesting read.

It surprises me though, that there is a distinct lack of home-grown talent here in the USA to fill these requirements.  It has been so obvious to me for so long that technology is an on-going growth area and yet the schools, colleges and universities here are not turning out enough talent to keep pace.  I am very glad that largely thanks to ColdFusion my career path is firmly rooted in technology and in particular synonymous with Adobe products overall.  Hopefully the announcement by Adobe to have ColdFusion Enterprise as a free version to academia will open more eyes and doors to our potential local talent.  The announcement by the BBC which Ben Forta highlighted is also really good news for Adobe.  Air is very exciting and I recall getting really enthusiastic about its form in a previous life – Central.

By the way, I am very much an import myself having spent the best part of 40 years growing up in my country of birth, England.


andy matthews

andy matthews wrote on 07/02/08 9:37 AM

Hey hey..Nashville made it on their list of top tech cities. Sure we were at #58, and got beat by San Juan, Puerto Rico, but we made it on the list!
Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 07/02/08 10:47 AM

@Andy I actually worked for a bit in Nashville, it's a great CF city.

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