May 24 2013

Technologies To Create A Brighter Future

Posted by Mike Brunt at 3:52 PM Flash | Web Servers | DataBase | Languages | Java-JVM | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE


As I enter official retirement age I know for certain I will not retire ever, unless ill-health forces that; I enjoy what I do far too much and there is too much to do to improve our world for future generations and software and related technologies will play a huge part in that.  Shortly, we shall be launching our ecoSoft initiative, which at first will a repository of information about technologies that are designed to benefit our Biosphere; The Earth.

On this subject I wanted to mention a company nestled deep on the south island of New Zealand, in Invercargill to be exact.  Farming is a big deal in New Zealand (well of course it is important everywhere).  Smart Farm Systems provide a system of hardware and software to monitor major inputs and outputs in farm operations, water and irrigation in and effluents out.  There are many controversies surrounding harmful discharges of farm effluents and in particular the Agribusiness sector in the USA comes in for concerned criticisms in this latter regard.  There is also tightening of laws in this area in New Zealand too.

Here is an article written about Smart Farm Systems, their ethos and products.