Feb 28 2008

Team Building -The Myth | Individual Building - The Truth

Posted by Mike Brunt at 1:42 PM
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Over my many working years I have managed teams of one (myself) and teams of over forty.  There are scores of management books which extol the virtues of team-building with formulae up the wazoo as how to "enforce" team spirit.  How to establish "rules" to ensure team spirit. I am just airing some opinions here which are drawn from things I have been a part of.

Here are some follies I was subjected too.

Go to a beach with all your co-workers then play ludicrous games which might just about entertain my twin grandsons; they are three years old.  Then get cheesy prizes for winning these nonsensical games.  The sea was nice though.

Go to a local eatery-bar at happy-hour and watch co-workers getting drunk to the point of dancing on tables and throwing up and then watch them drive whist almost incapable of walking.  Oh and make sure it is so loud in the eatery-bar that no-one can hear anyone else.

Whilst I really like the sea and I absolutely love a pint of beer I enjoy those things when I want to take part in them, not when they are mandated.

To the subject of this blog post, help your co-workers whether you are their manager or not to develop as individuals, empower them, challenge them fairly, genuinely congratulate them when they deserve it (no obligatory "good-job").  If you succeed in building the individuals you will have a TRULY great team.



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