Nov 11 2015

Reflections On The 2015 Coldfusion Conference

Posted by Mike Brunt at 11:22 AM Web Servers | CloudComputing | Caching | Java-JVM | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

Over these past few days I have had the privilege to present at the 2015 Adobe ColdFusion conference, it was a co-presentation with Milan Chandna and we presented on tuning the web server connector and how to use ColdFusion-Tomcat logs.  In fact from what we worked on together I shall be creating some new fixed price offerings.  

I always enjoy presenting at conferences and getting to work one on one with the Adobe ColdFusion engineering team is a rare privilege.  It was also great to see good friends and make new ones.

It is 19 years since I first started using ColdFusion and 14 years since I worked at Allaire as a server-side consultant and I have to say that I am very grateful that Adobe has dedicated a conference purely to ColdFusion, they are the first "owner" of ColdFusion to do so since Allaire.  They announced that there will be a 2016 conference and of course shared features for the next version of ColdFusion

Thank you Adobe for your ongoing support of the ColdFusion community!