Aug 11 2008

Proposed LA Based Test Lab - SeeFusion - Clustering

Posted by Mike Brunt at 4:52 AM
- Categories: ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

Webbaper and my current firm, Go2RIA are in discussions to launch a new test lab in a data-center in Los Angeles CA over September and October 2008.   The basic premise is to enable real-world testing of ColdFusion applications in various clustering scenarios using SeeFusion to monitor and report on tests.  We use SeeFusion on our day-to-day work because we have found it to be totally unobtrusive yet invaluable in helping us find problems.  As we often need real-time information from live-production environments, we have to be absolutely sure that we are in no-way compromising client systems and after thousands of hours of use; SeeFusion has proven that.  We even had one client that was using SeeFusion as one might use Webtrends, logging and capturing data from every single request and the footprint was negligible.

In order to bring full benefit to the community from this new lab effort, we will be looking for sample applications to use in our testing, these should be either latent or actual working production applications and if these are based on any of the recognized frameworks, that is also a plus.  We will want to publish test results but will ensure that any such reports are totally anonymous so that no proprietary information is revealed.

Please stay tuned for more information and if you are interested in submitting an application for testing, please either comment here or send me an email to mbrunt at go2ria dot net. 


Aaron West

Aaron West wrote on 08/11/08 12:02 PM

Mike, a certain company I work with might be interested in using this new lab to test infrastructure (hardware/clustering) changes and the positive/negative impact of said changes on the application.

Ping me if/when you guys get the lab up and running.
Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 08/11/08 4:32 PM

@Aaron thanks for your interest and we will certainly keep everyone posted as to what is going on.
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andrei wrote on 06/16/15 8:43 AM

i used based test lab and i was satisfied about its services.

Geo wrote on 06/26/15 10:23 AM

Thats how we build our team too. We have been looking only for sample applications that actually worked in production.
Nina Mina

Nina Mina wrote on 06/29/15 7:39 AM

yup. using based test lab is worthing for any company. We used it too, and we were excited about the restults we obtained. wrote on 08/24/15 4:00 AM

e on my clients havat actually worked in production. wrote on 08/29/15 4:14 AM

My thoughts began to mitigate a bit after the launch of CFMX6 - 6.1 or more to the point, after I began to realize that the move into the J2EE realm brought us into a whole new world of possibilities. wrote on 10/10/15 2:51 AM

We used it too, and we were excited about the restults Such an intersting point of view. I guess you should start bloging! Good Luck,
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