Jan 30 2008

PreHistoric ColdFusion - When Did You Start?

Posted by Mike Brunt at 9:55 PM
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I have been researching the evolution of ColdFusion and I know there is a good deal of that on the Adobe site, but that starts at version 4.01.  In my case I wanted to go prehistoric.

My first usage of CF was version 1.54 in 1996, as I have posted before, .dbml days. Good grief I was a developer, what happened along the way?  I became unworthy I suppose.  So in my research I came across articles from Rob Bilson?  Could that be Rob Brooks Bilson? 

Here are those articles: -

Here is some interesting information from Rob's blog.

So then, when did you start with CF?


Douglas Knudsen

Douglas Knudsen wrote on 01/31/08 6:20 AM

ha, yeah, Rob's a old hat at CF for sure. When I got started at version 4, posts from him and another venerable CFer Charlie Arehart (http://www.carehart.org/) really helped out. And even then House Of Fusions CF_Talk list was hot!

Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 01/31/08 12:28 PM

@Douglas yes Charlie is another stalwart of the community, his presentations are always great, informative and entertaining.
Rob Brooks-Bilson

Rob Brooks-Bilson wrote on 02/09/08 12:31 PM

Hi Mike,

Yep that's me - did the switch to the hyphenated last name when I got married in 1998.

I go back to the 1.5 days too, back when the Cold Fusion (notice spacing) manual was a sparse 100 pages and spiral bound, and the entire server fit on two floppy disks!

I did some early writing on ColdFusion for an online magazine called the Intranet Developer's Journal (it's still around), and spent a lot of time in their forums before moving on to the Allaire forums.

Wow, thanks for bringing back some memories!
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http://www.lenclavedesvins.fr wrote on 11/24/15 4:13 AM

My first usage of CF was version 1.54 in 1996, as I have posted before, .dbml days. Good grief I was a developer, what happened along the way?

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My first usage of CF was version 1.54 in 1996, as I have posted before, .dbml days. Good grief I was a developer, what happened along the way? I became unworthy I suppose. So in my research I came across articles from Rob Bilson? Could that be Rob Brooks Bilson?
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