Nov 7 2018

Oracle To Charge For All JDK Public Updates - Jan 2019

Posted by Mike Brunt at 1:55 PM Tomcat | JavaEE | Java-JVM | JRun-J2EE

I am repeating this blog-post here as well as in  I came accross this news via the Redhat devopers blog today "Oracle announced it will stop releasing public updates of Oracle JDK in January 2019 and will require a commercial license for its use."  This is quite something really, as for all of these years public updates were freely avaialble.  I first got wind of this recently when a client needed a 1.7_171 version of the JDK and were told they had to purchase a license.

The Red Hat blog piece looks very useful for those of us wanting to migrate to the OpenJDK, you can find it here.