Jul 6 2011

Most performance comes not from the language, but from application design - Twitter

Posted by Mike Brunt at 1:39 PM Web Servers | DataBase | Tomcat | Performance | JavaEE | Caching | Java-JVM | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE


Thanks to two good friends and colleagues, Dan Wilson and Rex Vincent, I got to read two great threads two years apart about Twitter and they are classic examples of handling a dramatic increase in traffic, which is often the world I am embroiled in.  Dan and I attended the O'Reilley Velocity Conference in San Jose a couple of years ago and it was an eye-opener for both of us. Our biggest single take-away, was that well managed caching was probably the greatest single performance benefit we can utilize, it is the well managed part that matters, of course.  Personally, I am very interested in the close working together of EHCACHE-Terracotta and Adobe with ColdFusion and possibly other Adobe server paradigms. You can look forward to some interesting facts and figures at the Adobe MAX ColdFusion Unconference on this subject.

So with no further ado here are those two Twitter threads, I recommend both highly there is a lot of great information and pointers here and some good links...

Twitter from 2009 

Twitter from 2011 



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