Feb 17 2008

Los Angeles ColdFusion User Group, Revival - Part 2

Posted by Mike Brunt at 6:37 AM
- Categories: ColdFusion

In all of the management positions I have held I always tried to be open and transparent in all that I do.  I fully intend to use that methodology in reviving the Los Angeles CFUG.  So I am going to blog about all that iwe are doing, as we do it.

At present the UG web site is hosted at CFDYNAMICS, who very kindly are hosting it free of charge.  It is out of date and unfortunately I cannot get in touch with the previous UG Manager to obtain access credentials.  If anyone for CFDYNAMICS reads this can you please add a comment as to what I need to do to get access to the site.

The other missing piece at present is the current list of UG members in LA.  Once again I assume the previous UG Manager has that but again I cannot get a response from him.  Obviously I need that in order to notify everyone that we are very much alive and kicking.  One thought I had was to put together a list of companies using CF in the Greater Los Angeles area and emailing them.  My fear there is that could be bordering on spam and I am certainly no spammer.

So that is the current status, if anyone has any thoughts/comments please feel free to make them here.  I will keep blogging as we continue with our spirited revival.


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For years we have been hearing and enduring ongoing tales of ColdFusion's impending demise. I thought it would be interesting to dig back and paraphrase a few here. It's almost like all us CF'ers have been perpetually in our own Living Dead state.

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http://www.skyblueparachutisme.fr wrote on 11/24/15 4:15 AM

There is no doubt it will be a challenge, Los Angeles is just so spread out and snarled in traffic at rush hour so it is very hard to find the right place to hold UG meetings. It astounded me one time when I was up in the DC area and I went to a User Group meeting

http://www.cifodel.fr wrote on 04/07/16 4:44 AM

The other missing piece at present is the current list of UG members in LA. Once again I assume the previous UG Manager has that but again I cannot get a response from him.

http://www.namamaste.fr wrote on 07/29/16 4:26 AM

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