Feb 4 2009

JRun - Live Software Trademarked the .jsp Extension

Posted by Mike Brunt at 9:17 PM JRun-J2EE

I was doing a little research tonight on Live Software, the company Allaire purchased to acquire JRun.  It turns out that they possibly trade marked the .jsp extension as "JRun Server Pages".  More information here.


Vince Bonfanti

Vince Bonfanti wrote on 02/05/09 9:41 AM

From the press release, they're claiming a trademark on the phrase "JRun Server Pages" but not the acronym JSP. Acronyms are extremely difficult to trademark, to the point of being almost impossible (similarly, "ColdFusion" is a trademark belonging to Adobe, but the CFML acronym is not). Nowhere is the press release (that I could find) do they claim a trademark on the .jsp extension; I'm not sure it would be a valid, enforeable even if they did.

Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 02/06/09 10:50 AM

Thanks for the insight Vince and I am sure you are correct. I remember thinking at the time, I wonder why Allaire would buy Live Software.

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