Nov 28 2011

Is Our Future Getting More "Cloudy"? Watch Those Loops

Posted by Mike Brunt at 4:17 PM Web Servers | .NET | DataBase | CloudComputing | Languages | Caching | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE


I found a very good article today relating to 11 trends in software programming to be aware of.  Item 1 relates to more things being done on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and that sounds good as it is where my expertise has been for the past 10-11 years.  There are two other items in this piece that relate to Cloud based items and in essence they are both very thought provoking from the point of view of software development and more to the point efficient software development. 


  1. There is a growing trend among ISP's to begin charging for/capping bandwidth.  When I first started programming in HTML and then ColdFusion back in 1995 I was always aware of being frugal with code and media, in fact my first commercial web site was for The Queen Mary in Long Beach, it had lots of images and even some audio and I had that site running very well on a 56k Frame Relay circuit.  So it seems the days of ridiculously data-heavy web sites are numbered or at least are going to be under greater consideration.  Another thought I had here, is with Adobe just moving staunchly to Cloud based operations with "CreativeCloud" what would be the effects on that if people had increased bandwidth charges as a result?
  2. Some Cloud vendors are charging extra for the number of database transactions, we can see that with Google here.  Now this one is very interesting as databases being what they are, the number of transactions could increase exponentially if there is overuse of looped Select queries for instance, where the root table in consistently growing.  Certainly, there will need to be much closer attention paid to all things capacity in application development.





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