Jan 4 2017

Early 2017 Reflections On ColdFusion & Others

Posted by Mike Brunt at 5:42 PM Web Servers | CloudComputing | Tomcat | JavaEE | Java-JVM | ColdFusion

My good friend Rex Aglibot and I were reflecting on all things technology for two hours earlier today.  There is just so much going on, #Blockchain, #Ethereum, #web3j, #BigchainDB and JVM languages.  One of the easiest to use and most efficient of the JVM based languages to use is #ColdFusion yet as we live in a culture where old is uncool (I know) ColdFusion is seen as uncool, the fact that it created the dynamic web being lost in the mists of time and memory.

Yes I am "old" too, my years attest to that, so am I uncool? Let's dig a bit deeper on that:  

  • At 53 years old I became an artist in acrylics, since then I have painted over 100 canvasses in California, New Zealand (where I sold one in a multi-media deal for $1,200.00 my most expensive sale to date) and now Oregon.  My painted art is of the surreal school and some are shown here.  
  • In 2010 I co-released the first of 7 electronic albums with my good freind Alexandra, more information here on those. 
  • In 2014 Alexandra and I completed a book we were co-writing called "Blue Marble - An Eco Fable"
So as we can see, age is relatively unimportant what really matters is what we can and do, do.

Back to ColdFusion and technology in general, in this sense; fashions in programming languages often at the developer level can have catastrophic consquences in performance and cost contexts.  Just because ColdFusion (CF) has been around now for over 20 years is not a reason to make it uncool, nor a reason not to use it in your projects.  Here are some interesting screen-shots I got today from Google Trends...



ColdFusion 11 (Since Release)
ColdFusion 11

ColdFusion 2016 (Since Release)
ColdFusion 2016