Nov 13 2015

ColdFusion - The Relevant - The Community

Posted by Mike Brunt at 12:30 PM Web Servers | DataBase | CloudComputing | Caching | Greening The Web | Java-JVM | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

One of the charming points of the Adobe ColdFusion conference was a video showing Jeremy and JJ Allaire chatting about how and why ColdFusion came about.  It was in 1995 that the effective first version appeared; I started using version 1.54 in 1996 and computing was just a hobby of mine at that point, yet ColdFusion literally transformed my life.  Adam Cameron pointed to a great blog post from Gavin Pickin which lists many great resources, which I am going to share here too.  The thrust of his blog piece is, So how do we build a bigger better CFML Community? And I certainly know, from my client's perspective, we need more ColdFusion developers.

So here are some great resources Gavin pointed out to help in this and other regards:



Gavin also suggests getting video's out there and I shall certainly be doing that with gory details and demo's of juicy Java server-side, trial, tribulation and triumph.  

Thanks Gavin for your great post which I shall link to here.