Nov 16 2017

ColdFusion Summit 2017 - API Manager

Posted by Mike Brunt at 8:58 AM Web Servers | DataBase | CloudComputing | Tomcat | Languages | JavaEE | Caching | Java-JVM | ColdFusion

This is a short and I hope sweet post.  Today I will present at the 2017 ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas on a very under understood but powerful addition to the ColdFusion family, the ColdFusion API Manager.

My presentation will be largely practical and instead of creating many slides to eventually share I am going to create a mini-whitepaper on all the server-side aspects of configuring and using API Manager which will cover...


  • Optimal installation choices.
  • Optimal JVM settings (yes this is still JAVA)
  • Setting up and administering a cluster (this is based on Redis).
  • Finding optimal performance settings.
  • Discovery and connection of and to existing ColdFusion servers.


I apologize for this being a late notification however I just went through an intense moving experience which involved moving a farm and which almost had me reconsider my ability to present.

Here is the session detail.