Sep 5 2013

ColdFusion 10 Directory Structure Differences

Posted by Mike Brunt at 11:22 AM Web Servers | CloudComputing | Java-JVM | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

For those currently running ColdFusion; prior to ColdFusion 10 in an Enterprise multiple instance install; moving to ColdFusion 10 Enterprise will look different in terms of the directory structure.  This is how.

In a ColdFusion 9 Enterprise multiple instance install, the ColdFusion “root”directory is JRun4 and the multiple instances are in sub directories/volumes below JRun4; like this...



And so on.

In ColdFusion 10 however there is now a standardized directory path for both standard single instance installations and  Enterprise multiple instance installations, which looks like this for Enterprise multiple instance installations...



This will make life much easier for those who installed  pre-ColdFusion 10 Enterprise but neglected to take advantage of its main feature, multiple instances.  Prior to CF10 a full uninstall and re-install was necessary to use multiple instances.