Feb 5 2008

And I Thought I Could Code - I Should Stick To Tuning!

Posted by Mike Brunt at 4:00 PM
- Categories: ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

That word "stick" is a bit of a play on words as I am currently in Washington DC training on ColdSpring, ModelGlue and Reactor.  Doug Hughes is running the class and I always thought he was a brainy  bloke, well now I know; he is!  He made a really good point today about how those developers who raise their game by learning frameworks such as ColdSpring, ModelGlue, Reactor, Transfer etc would almost certainly be more valuable and marketable.  One thing I am learning is that this can be challenging to grasp fully and in reality my main interest is in the effects that such frameworks have on the server side, in the garbage collection etc.  

So, as I say in my blog piece title, I will stick to tuning the JVM etc with the added insight of the effects of frameworks which largely reside in the application scope. 


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Transfer etc would almost certainly be more valuable and marketable. One thing I am learning is that this can be challenging to grasp fully and in reality my main interest is in the effects that such frameworks have on the server side, in the garbage collection etc.

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Reactor, Transfer etc would almost certainly be more valuable and marketable. One thing I am learning is that this can be challenging to grasp fully and in reality my main interest is in the effects that such frameworks have on the server side, in the garbage collection etc.
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