Apr 5 2014

Amazon AWS An Epiphany For Me

Posted by Mike Brunt at 2:53 PM Web Servers | .NET | DataBase | CloudComputing | Languages | Caching | Greening The Web | Java-JVM | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

For many years I have had slight feelings of discomfort relating to Cloud based services; one being the proprietary nature of the overall software abstraction.  I recently attended an AWS boot-camp in San Francisco and I realized that my reservations are flat-out wrong and rooted in FUD, which is typically not my way of thinking. The team at Webapper and I are working on a high-end ColdFusion set-up using AWS.  The idea being to roll-out and "fit it and forget it" solution for ColdFusion-CFML applications.  The coverage will be total, from pre-migration code-checks, to adequate sizing based on empirical load testing to assistance with deployment/versioning and ongoing maintenance.  There will be no performance nor stability issues.

In researching this I also considered my ideals as far as better ecological decisions go; this really is the major part on my non-work life.  My only concern relating to my work is the amount of power consumed by data-centers and it seems that Amazon really cares about that also and two of their data-center locations are 100% carbon free.  In addition, overall use of computing power is spread much more evenly than with traditional data-centers.