Nov 2 2009

A Video Showing The Effects Of Untested Code In Production

Posted by Mike Brunt at 6:57 AM Web Servers | .NET | DataBase | CloudComputing | ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE


During a recent presentation at BFlex-BFusion in Bloomington, the excellent event given by Bob Flynn and his team, we were able to show exactly what happens when code which is simply tested by one or two users is placed into production with little or no further testing.  To be more succinct with no load testing, we did this because in our day to day work we hardly ever find a client that does any load-testing and we blogged about this many times.

We shot a short video of the load tests, that we ran pretty much all day during the BFusion part of the event. As part of our ongoing contribution to the community we will add more videos on all things related to performance.  As we have pointed out many times, effectively load testing code before sending to production, is a key step in ensuring ongoing stability with scalability.  The video is here and lasts for about 3 minutes and shows fairly compelling evidence of pushing code to production without load testing first.



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I believe that it is major responsibility to test the code before it goes live. This shouldn't be overlooked because otherwise you are going to wake up to a site that is down while users are trying to access it. Load testing is CRUCIAL!
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Vlad A. wrote on 06/24/15 8:49 AM

Pretesting is crucial for everything would gona be sold to clients. you can't sell them something which is not working, because they will never come back to you...
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Anyone who seeks for good result need to pretest any idea. That's how succes works.

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