Mar 13 2008

A New Service To Identify Major Application-Server Issues

Posted by Mike Brunt at 9:34 AM ColdFusion | JRun-J2EE

For the past 7 years I have been all over the world troubleshooting and resolving ColdFusion and JRun application problems.  There s always one thing I do before launching into any recommendations or work, preferably before going on site in many cases.  I ask for a copy of CF and JRun runtime logs from the past 7 days.  The initial analysis of those logs is almost always critical to getting to the issues quickly and accurately.  So I thought it a good idea to launch a service based just around log analisys both of existing logs and then of enhanced logging output, Verbose Garbage Collection logs for instance.  Having done that many times and having developed my own tools to do so, I know I can feedback a lot of information after just 4 hours of analysis and reporting.

That is my service offering in a nutshell, 4 hours of my time with existing and enhanced logs and I will deliver a report of what s going on in the application and the server with recommendations for improvement. You can communicate directly with me here "mbrunt at go2ria dot net"