Apr 10 2008

A Good Tip For Road Warriors

Posted by Mike Brunt at 7:37 AM
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For those who us who are often working in several different client networks in any given month, getting to the Internet from those clients can sometimes be a challenge as many if not most have stringent security policies which either preclude Internet access altogether or where it can take 1 to 2 days to get that access.  I recommend that any of us in that situation go and do what I recently did and get a wireless broadband card and service. 

My road machine is a Dell system and I went to Dell got the appropriate card  and signed up for a $60.00 per month service.  I think of it this is way, I can save that monthly fee in under 30 minutes of my time so this has saved me so much time and heartburn. 


Peter Bell

Peter Bell wrote on 04/10/08 4:51 PM

+1. I just looked at the various plans and ended up getting a U727 from Sprint and it's great. It has paid for itself in the first week. I first got a 3G dongle in the UK when I went over for a couple of weeks as I had to have Internet access while traveling and for GBP100 one off and then GBP15-25 for every trip over there up to one month in length, it's cheaper and more reliable than internet access from most hotels.

I thought twice about getting a data card over here as I have good internet at home, in the office, via starbucks (I have a t-mobile account) and at a bunch of my favorite coffee houses, but for all those "in between places" having a wireless card is just great.

So far I've only used it on my MBP, but I believe I should also be able to get it running with my ASUS eee which would be great for random web access in the car (assuming I'm not driving :->).
Mike Brunt

Mike Brunt wrote on 04/10/08 8:12 PM

@Peter, thanks for your comments and insights and aye re not driving ;o)
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Around two years ago someone alerted me to the existence of Google Notebooks. I have found this to be invaluable for storing information which I actually found on my never-ending journeys be they links, settings etc

http://www.d3p84.fr wrote on 10/10/15 3:45 AM

It has paid for itself in the first week.

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Jess wrote on 02/10/17 7:42 AM

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