Web Connector Tuning

When ColdFusion 10 was released and consquently 11, the underlying Java Servlet Container changed from JRun to Tomcat and as a result there was quite a difference in the web server connector and related files.  The good news is that we now have a good deal of leeway in tuning the web server connector for our applications.  In order to help we are offering a $400.00 fixed price tuning offering, that is $400.00 per connector.  We will cover:

  • isapi_redirect.properties
  • uriworkermap.properties
  • workers.properties

This is a necessary excercise whomever does it, as the default settings are typically not adequate as they are not tuned to your application needs.

You can reach us via email here - go2riamb AT gmail DOT com

By Phone - 541.234.3182