Rapid Results

The targeted analysis and audit of the ColdFusion and JRun/Tomcat logs is almost always critical to getting to problem issues quickly and accurately and we offer this as a cost effective way to give you targeted solutions you can implement quickly.  It is also key to assessing server needs before a move.  At a fixed price of $600.00 this analysis will save you many hours of research and it is drawn from our 10 years spent in C oldFusion and JRun problem resolution.  The steps we take are as follows.


  • We will need copies of ColdFusion and JRun/Tomcat (JVM) logs covering no more that 7 days back to the present.
  • We will then help you to install enhanced logging for Metrics and Garbage Collection (GC).
  • After at least 24 hours of enhanced logging during normal business hours we will request and analyze the ColdFusion, JRun/Tomcat (JVM) and GC logs.
  • We will use all of the above to produce a targeted report with solutions you can implement to gain measurable improvements.


These are the steps we will follow which are included in the ColdFusion and JRun logs analysis with a fixed price of $600.00.  Should you decide to retain us, we do offer a full range of enterprise architecture and scaling/troubleshooting services.

You can reach us via email here - go2riamb AT gmail DOT com

By Phone - 541.234.3182