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There are many facets to improving the performance of applications and for the past 14 years our firm has been doing that in Java applications.  We have worked with the world's largest blue chip and government institutions including eBay, The FAA and NASA and many many more.  We help any and all size companies and institutions to drastically improve performance and scalability. 

INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING - Sizing the right infrastructure for stability and scalability is critical for long-term success.  Our work often is related to helping troubleshoot infrastructures that were not planned correctly and we have a unique insight into how the process needs to be carried out to ensure success.  We can assist with network tier sizing, database tier architecture and web-application server needs.   We have also assisted many clients to work through migrations to Cloud-based infrastructures.

REDUNDANCY/CLUSTERING (HA) - High Availability (HA) is a basic need for any business critical application.  Creating a clustered (HA) infrastructure doesn't have to be overly expensive, in fact there are software-level paradigms that have no additional costs.  We have worked with hardware and software level clustering and can ensure proper planning and execution which includes Cloud-based paradigms such as AWS ELB and Auto-Scaling.

LOAD TESTING/CAPACITY PLANNING - In our view, all applications should be effectively load-tested before deployment to production. Unfortunately most well known load test tools are incredibly expensive, very difficult to use or both!  We've developed policies and procedures around resonably priced tools, such as JMeter, to produce excellent results. We can design and implement a load testing regime that ensures no slow applications make it into production. We can also work with your team to train them in proper load testing procedures, results interpretation and successful bottleneck reduction.

TROUBLESHOOTING/FAILURE RESOLUTION - With over 14 years of heads-down problem identification and resolution experience, we quickly find and help fix application issues that bring your servers down, reduce application uptime and cause expensive support issues.

CONTENT DISTRIBUTION/CACHING - Caching in web applications can be a great challenge and also provide great benefits as caching remains one of the most dramatic techniques to increase application throughput. Cache Management tools are laborious and there are few effective tools to manipulate caches effectively. We work with key products and vendors, such as EHCache to bring an easily managed, implementation friendly and secure caching layer with comprehensive reporting capabilities.We'll help implement the product, tune the cache and also train your staff on the maintenance and support of the caching layer.

You can reach us via email here - go2riamb AT gmail DOT com

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