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Jul 24 2018

Video Podcast On ColdFusion & Blockchain-DLT

I was recently fortunate enough to be recorded in podcast on all things #Blockchain, #ColdFusion and #CFML.


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Apr 2 2018

Yes Application Performance Matters More Than Ever

"These ideas, moreover, don't just need to work in your local dev environment, they need to be performant at scale."


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Mar 3 2018

ColdFusion & Blockchain - Yes It's Possible In Promise

I am hoping this will be the first of a few articles on ColdFusion and #blockchain projects.  Hoping because that depends on my ability and that of a great friend of mine, Rex, to do something with CF and what I prefer to call "block"chain.  This is because there are more chains out there than simply #blockchains, in fact I just started the Blockchain Meetup in Eugene OR and you are more than welcome to join and attend meetings if you can.  Even without meeting attendance we will have some good discussions going on there.

So what of ColdFusion and blockchain and even more to the point, which blockchain, there are many.  Well by good fortune I have been working on two blockchain projects for sometime during which time I have reviewed many different blockchains.  Just in case there is interest, these are the two projects, Digisphere Labs who have several projects planned and Earthdollar.  So far the blockchain technology which I feel is most suited to ColdFusion is the Hyperledger project from the Linux Foundation.  The reason is one of their sub-projects called "Composer" there is more detail on that here.

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